27 Jul 2016

Fundamentals of Design

Design Basics

Hey all!
Today I wanted to share another passion of mine: Design.

Now, I am by no means an expert, but that doesn’t¬†you shouldn’t check this out ūüôā ¬†Whenever you are trying to learn how to do the coolest things in a field, it is usually a good idea to study up on the fundamentals. ¬†I know this from sports and games growing up. ¬†Sure making a cool glove save would be cool (I was an ice hockey goalie), but the thing that made the biggest difference was consistency in the fundamentals.

For a quick overview check out this video:

I find animations like this to be one of the easiest ways to understand complex topics like this.

  1. LINE РThis is one of the simplest elements of design.  A line is simply a collection of points which can convey things like direction and weight.  Think about the last time you hand wrote a letter or note.  Was your emotion conveyed through the lines you created?  Even though line is one of the most basic it can also be extremely potent on its own.
  2. SHAPES РWhen lines combine they create forms we call shapes.  Shapes can be symbolic or purely organic.
  3. CONTRAST РPlacing two opposites next to each other is the easiest way to help define the other clearly.

Design Elements

Design Principles diagram

More to come!