26 Sep 2016

Rodger Dodge – Preparing for Launch…

Preparing for Launch…

Having friends is great.Making games is great.

Having friends who make games with you?

Great news, I’ve been doing just that!  I am proud to share a new project I’ve been working on with an insanely talented team:  Justin Garcia of BUDGESSMAN!, Jonathan Fobbs of LATE WATCH, and Samuel Venable of TIME:KILLER:GAMES.Rodger Dodge -gethitlogo

What is Rodger Dodge?

Rodger Dodge is a fast-paced mobile game starring Rodger, a little boy who’s desperate to get sent to the nurse’s office. Rather than avoiding the dodgeballs, your goal is to get hit. A lot.  You’ve only got a minute, so make it count!

We are currently smack-dab in the middle of production. The game is currently expected to release on iOS and Android this December.

Tune in live on Mondays 8pm EST to see animation and game development on the twitch channels for BudgessMan and LightHeartLabs.

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