29 Jan 2017
You Must Go On!

Returning to Eden…

Hello friends and happy New Year!

Something big has been growing…
We are so excited about the new things on the horizon for The Guarding of Eden!  We’ve spent the last year researching, experimenting, and exploring how to make GoE an exciting and unique gaming experience.

Now it is time to put all those plans to action!


We have made lots of exciting changes, including a new unique art style, revamped the story, and upgraded to a new game engine: the more powerful Unity3D.

Most importantly: we are focusing on making The Guarding of Eden a co-op adventure! We wanted to make a game that you could play with a friend, child, or significant other. We look forward to sharing more info with you in the near future.

To help us accomplish the tasks at hand we’ve also partnered with a new studio to help us co-develop the game.
We are finalizing our timeline now to complete a highly-polished vertical slice of what the final game will play and look like.

With all these changes, we have officially chosen to release on Steam and PC (with a potential game console version shortly behind). This opens GoE up for a new level of awesome that we can’t wait to show you!

Warm regards,


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