27 Feb 2017
Get Hit!

NEW GAME – Rodger Dodge Available Now!

 Rodger Dodge Get Hit!

Rodger Dodge is a fast-paced arcade game for iOS and Android.

GET HIT! Rodger Dodge is available now, for FREE!


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The game stars Rodger, a little boy who’s desperate to get sent to the nurse’s office…
Rather than avoiding the dodgeballs, your goal is to GET HIT!  A lot.  You’ve only got a minute, so make it count!  You can Run and Dive across the gym floor doing your best to get bopped by as many balls as possible.  Play with simple touch controls in this challenging arcade adventure.


The project is a collaboration with:  Justin Garcia of BUDGESS MAN!, Jonathan Fobbs of LATE WATCH, and Samuel Venable of TIMEKILLER GAMES.

For more info check out the Official Rodger Dodge page 

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