11 Apr 2017
Pixelfest Smash tournament

PixelFest Recap 1: Developer’s Conference

Hey there! PixelFest 2.017 just wrapped up in Norfolk, VA.  We demoed a few prototypes and met some amazing people! There was a floor dedicated to showing off indie games as well as a Developer’s conference running simultaneously. This post will be an informal info-dump from the event.  Enjoy! ~ The Entrepreneur Talk Speakers: Zack Miller […]

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27 Feb 2017
Get Hit!

NEW GAME – Rodger Dodge Available Now!

  Rodger Dodge is a fast-paced arcade game for iOS and Android. GET HIT! Rodger Dodge is available now, for FREE!   The game stars Rodger, a little boy who’s desperate to get sent to the nurse’s office… Rather than avoiding the dodgeballs, your goal is to GET HIT!  A lot.  You’ve only got a minute, so make […]

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13 Feb 2017

FREE LightHeart Stickers for iMessage

Light up your day by sending friends a LightHeart Sticker on iMessage! Be creative! You can put them on text bubbles, photos, and even other stickers! Click Here to Download! Now everyone can be smiling 🙂  Let your love d ones know how you feel <3 Pack features both animated and static emotes, with heart! Already have […]

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29 Jan 2017
You Must Go On!

Returning to Eden…

Hello friends and happy New Year! Something big has been growing… We are so excited about the new things on the horizon for The Guarding of Eden!  We’ve spent the last year researching, experimenting, and exploring how to make GoE an exciting and unique gaming experience. Now it is time to put all those plans to […]

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20 Jan 2017
Belgian Comics Museum

Belgium – Comics, Cartoons, and The Ninth Art

Exploring International Art & Design I had the opportunity to travel to Belgium with my wife recently. I have visited before, but like all tourists I had mostly stuck to the beaten path. This time however, I was delighted to explore the more artistic side of the country. The first noteworthy stop was the Brussels […]

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26 Sep 2016

Rodger Dodge – Preparing for Launch…

Preparing for Launch… Having friends is great.Making games is great. Having friends who make games with you? SUPER-OMEGA-AWESOMELY great. Great news, I’ve been doing just that!  I am proud to share a new project I’ve been working on with an insanely talented team:  Justin Garcia of BUDGESSMAN!, Jonathan Fobbs of LATE WATCH, and Samuel Venable of […]

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10 Aug 2016

NintendoLand Misadventures

Ganondorf is up to something… Lean, Mean, and everything Green. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect Link clone. But Professor Dragmire accidentally added an extra ingredients to the concoction– PENNSYLVANIA! Thus, “Lonk from Pennsylvania” was born! Armed with the legendary Triforce of Power and the mark of Curge, Ganondorf, Lonk, and sometimes more Lonk, have […]

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