The digital world can be complex, but it is built using simple, logical fundamentals.
One of those fundamental ways we use computers is through a tool called a Conditional Statement:

IF … {THEN…}

As in:  If [this happens], then [do that]

Lucky for us, we use this pattern in the real world. Sometimes without even realizing it.
Even better, we use it all the time!

Perhaps you’ve thought something like:
I’m hungry, then I need to eat.  If I don’t have food, then I need to go buy food.

Okay, maybe not exactly like that… But basically, we check to see If something is True or False, then if the condition is true we have a set of instructions to follow next.

What if we could use this pattern to better help us achieve our goals?
Try and say the following out loud:

  • If I want to be creative, then I first need to believe I can be!
  • If I want to learn something new, then I need to start with the basics.
  • If I want to foster my creativity, then I will need encouragement.
  • If I want to make something from scratch, then I need to understand the basics.
  • If I want to make something great from scratch, then I need to understand the basics extremely well!

How did that feel?  Hopefully you felt the spark of inspiration!
This is just the beginning.  There is a whole wide world to explore and there is plenty to create!

Just remember:

Focus on the Basics and they will take you farther than you can imagine!

All it takes is effort & dedication. I believe in you and I want to help you succeed!

Game Developers: Make Games

If you want to be a game developer, then you need to make games.

If you don’t know where to start, then the first step is easy:
Jump in and see what you can already do!

If you get stuck, then we’ve got you.

Below you will find a collection of resources, tutorials, and general tips of how to get your ideas made!

GameDev Toolkit

1.)  Game Engines

2.)  Art & Animation Tools

  • Pyxel Edit – Powerful pixel art tool perfect for making tiles and animation
    • $9 for a lifetime license.
  • Aseprite – Multi-featured pixel art animation tool
  • Adobe Creative Cloud – Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects:  The tools the pros come with a price.

3.)  Publishing Options

Free Resources

Here are some websites that I found very useful that include things like tutorials or free books:

IndieGame Goldmine:
Indie GameDev GUIDE via PixelProspector

The Secrets to Scrappyness:
Fighting to survive as an indie studio via Gamasutra

Learn a New Skill:
Online Courses via Udemy

Other Helpful People in the Indie Gamedev Community

 More helpful Links to check out:


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