Games are a Gateway

 Play is Powerful.  Games are a perfect gateway to exploring the world through imagination.  Whether you’re playing on your own or with your friends, chances are you’re having fun!

Slash Talon and The Guarding of Eden

The Guarding of Eden is a  fast-paced, cooperative, 2D action game.  

 Something dark is on its way to destroy Eden… Only the most valiant and courageous creatures will be able to protect the realm from destruction.
Team up with a friend as one of the legendary Animal Heroes to defend Eden from an evil invasion!
When you’re not fighting off an onslaught of creepy crawlies, explore and discover other mysteries hidden deep in the jungles of Eden.

Early Prototype gameplay:


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Penguins Can't Fly!

They say Penguins can’t fly.. so you’ll need to run, slide and hop in order to save the scattered baby penguins!

Play as Scoot the Penguin to rescue his kids from throughout the arctic and then have an adventure running around the arctic back to the nest!

Tune in to our #TwitchTuesdays livestream @8pm EST on to see us work on animation and game development.

Rodger Dodge (iOS)

Rodger Dodge is a fast-paced arcade game for iOS and Android.

The game stars Rodger, a little boy who’s desperate to get sent to the nurse’s office…
Rather than avoiding the dodgeballs, your goal is to GET HIT!  A lot.
You’ve only got a minute, so make it count!
You can Run and Dive across the gym floor doing your best to get bopped by as many balls as possible.
Play with simple touch controls in this challenging arcade adventure!


GET HIT! Rodger Dodge is available now, for FREE!
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For more info check out the Official Rodger Dodge page 


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